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Freestanding Double Half Arch

Freestanding Double Half Arch

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The blank freestanding double half arch, upgrade your signage game with this piece here. Since this freestanding sign is using two sheets and one base, we've decided to use a slightly thicker piece of acrylic to cut the sheets to add stability, from our normal 3mm to 4mm. We also need to check two slots instead of the usual one to make sure the sheets are standing up nicely. The base will be 6mm which is thick enough to hold up the weight of the sheets. Although these changes will increase the production time, we believe the quality will be worth it.ย 

This item here will be sold in limited quantities in order to maintain a steady processing time. If you're interested in 50 pieces or more, please e-mail us to work out processing time.


Facing the sign:
Tall sheet sits in the back left.
Short sheet sits in the front right.

Sheet thickness: 4mm (5/32 inch)
Base thickness: 6mm (1/4 inch)

Tall sheet: 4 x 7" (inches)
Short sheet: 3 x 5.5" (inches)
1/2 inch overlap

Tall sheet: 5 x 10" (inches)
Short sheet:ย 4 x 8" (inches)
1/2 inch overlap

Tall sheet: 6 x 12" (inches)
Short sheet: 5 x 10" (inches)
1 inch overlap


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