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1. We brand each product with your company logo. We're the only company that offers this type of customization.

2. Reviews boost your Google ranking which makes it easier for consumers to find you. 

3. Reducing the amount of steps the consumer has to take drastically increases the chance of success. Whether that be a 5 star review, a follow, complete a form, app store download etc, we got you.

4. Get reviews in 3 seconds. Just a tap and it directs them to the review pop-up. 

5. It's a one-time investment and not subscription based. 

6. Everything is done in-house so we are able to provide fast turnaround time. 

7. Unlimited use, there's no power supply, it powers up from the device. 

8. It's not limited to Google reviews. It can be linked to a website, link-tree, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Yelp etc. 

9. Everyone looks at reviews of a place before they go. Let your customers talk and market for you.

Take a look at our NFC Gallery to see which colour way is your favourite

Here is a video on how to use NFC with iPhones.

Here is what our NFC Keychain, Tradeshow Badge, Google Review Sign, Instagram Sign or Business Card look like.

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