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One Piece Booster Box Acrylic Display Case (JAPANESE)

One Piece Booster Box Acrylic Display Case (JAPANESE)

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Which booster box is it for?

Acrylic display case made for the One Piece Trading Card Game. 

The lid sit's on top of the acrylic box, giving it a seamless, clean look. A must have for sealed collectors!

This acrylic display case fits the booster boxes (Japanese versions): 

OP01-OP04 are the same sizes

OP05-OP07 + EB01 are the same sizes

Any future one piece booster boxes will be updated and added here as they release.

  1. EB01
  2. OP07 500 Years Later
  3. OP06 Wings of the Captain
  4. OP05 Awakening of a New Era
  5. OP04 Kingdom of Intrigue
  6. OP03 Pillars of Strength 
  7. OP02 Paramount War
  8. OP01 Romance Dawn

Material: 4mm Clear Cast Acrylic

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